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HandPunch 4000 Biometric Hand Reader

Biometry is the new standard for time and attendance data collection devices.

The HandPunch terminal captures a three-dimensional image of the hand each time the employee punches. The hand’s size and the shape are used to verify their identity with unparalleled accuracy. No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized. Green and red lights notify the employee of the status of each punch. There’s no question any more; employees have to be there to punch.


If your company’s current workforce management solution allows employees to clock in and out for one another, a Biometric Hand Reader solution can help you recover losses.

Instead of utilizing badges or passwords, which can be lost or forgotten, hand punch terminals verify an employee’s identity based on the unique size and shape of their hand.

If you are implementing a workforce management system for the first time, you can maximize your investment and avoid potential pitfalls by starting with this technology.

Hand punch terminals do not store images of your employees’ hands, nor can they use any stored information to create images of employees’ hands. Instead, they use a sophisticated algorithm to generate and store a numerical template.

Each time an employee scans his hand, a new number is generated and compared to the one on file.

Management Keys

Ten user-definable data management keys let you collect and/or display data as employees punch. Common data collection uses include department transfers, tips collected, job codes, or pay codes. The keys can also be defined to allow employees to review punches or find out about their schedules, vacation time accumulated, hours worked, and other programmed information.

Other data management key features include:

  • Employee messaging
  • Review of employee information fields
  • Validation tables to ensure proper data entry
  • Access restriction to keys by employee
  • User defined prompts
  • Decision menus to minimize keystrokes

Schedules by Employee

Employee schedules may be downloaded to the HandPunch 4000 to restrict the times that an employee can punch. This can reduce unauthorized overtime as well as early “in” punches. A separate schedule can be defined for each employee providing the ultimate in flexibility.

Built-in Bar Code Reader

Some installations require the use of a badge. For these situations, the HandPunch 4000 includes an integrated bar code reader that can be used for ID number entry. The swipe-type reader supports the most popular bar code formats and allows for infrared badges.

Communications and Networking

Whether your needs are to network two terminals or thousands, the HandPunch 4000 can be configured to meet your needs. Standard RS-485 communications make networking terminals easy and reliable. Options include an Ethernet Communications Module and a 28.8K internal modem for remote sites. Each unit also provides RS-232 serial printer support.

Edit-at-the-Clock Functions

The system allows supervisors to override user restrictions and to input such items as missed punches, planned vacations, sick time, etc. The password-protected mode provides greater supervisor flexibility by lessening the need for computer edits. Audit trails are available to ensure security.

Bell Schedules

The bell schedule lets you program the day, time, and duration of a series of bells. The bells can be programmed to signal the beginning or end of a shift, lunch, or break.

Door Control

The HandPunch 4000 provides the capability to unlock and monitor a door. An employee’s individual schedule may be used to restrict access.

  • Data Input: Keypad with 10 Programmable Function Keys Internal/External 3 of 9 Barcode Reader
  • Communication: RS232 – Serial, RS485 – LAN, 14.4 kbps Modem, Optional TCP/IP Ethernet
  • Memory: 530 Users -Expandable to 3498
  • Display: 2 x 16 Backlit LCD
  • Dimensions: W8.85″xH11.65″xD8.55″